Friday, February 5, 2016

New Cozy Mystery Release Rounds Out the New Series

If you're a cozy mystery fan, then my blog post should interest you. The Corpse Wore Gingham: A Piper & Bill Robins Mystery, Book #1 is discounted to $1.99 during the release week of the second title Fur the Win to the series. Piper and Bill are a retired couple living in the suburbs who decide to become a pair of sleuths. Now admittedly it isn't something everybody, including myself, would ever take up. But Piper is rather headstrong, and she has certain ideas about how things should be, and Bill is the patient type of a husband who does his level best to go along to get along. That's not to say he always just agrees with Piper. Indeed, they have their differences, especially when it comes to their sleuthing adventures. If cozies are supposed to be about regular folks like you and me, then Piper and Bill fit the definition quite nicely. They are clever at what they do, and they are persistent. Cat lovers will like the inclusion of a funny tuxedo cat (like mine) in the storyline. So, consider starting their cozy series with more future titles to come.