Saturday, October 1, 2016

Announcing My New Cozy Mystery: MURDER IN A ONE-HEARSE TOWN

I'm excited to announce the new title (#6) in my Isabel & Alma Trumbo Cozy Mystery Series, MURDER IN A ONE-HEARSE TOWN. I used a pun for the title which adds a little fun. All the usual series characters return. Keep in mind my cozy mysteries are clean reads. I also write my series books to be stand alones, so you don't have to read the previous ones to follow and enjoy any of my books.

Grab your copy of MURDER IN A ONE-HORSE TOWN from these online retailers:   
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In my other books news, I've written five more Isabel and Alma books, so they'll be around for a good while. Be looking for more information in my next newsletter. Meantime, the first titles in my two cozy mystery series, QUIET ANCHORAGE and THE CORPSE WORE GINGHAM, are each $2.99.

The NOZY CAT 1 release was a great success. NOZY CAT 2 and 3 should be out in 2017.   
For you hardboiled and crime noir fans, I've finished my D.C. cop novel titled ST. MICHAEL'S HAMMER. I'll post an update about its publication status when I have a better idea of when I can put it out. Meantime, I've bundled and discounted my first two P.I. Frank Johnson mysteries THE DIRT-BROWN DERBY and PELHAM FELL HERE into one e-book for $3.99. The Amazon link is here: The Kobo link is:

Your book reviews and book ratings are a tremendous help to me. If you can mark MURDER IN A ONE-HEARSE TOWN as "To-Read" on your Goodreads account, that's also useful to me. 
Thank you for your loyal and valued support of my fiction. Be on the lookout in January 2017 when I plan to publish the next Isabel and Alma title, VI'S RING. Until then, I wish you good health and happy reading.