Wednesday, November 16, 2016

99-Cents Sale on the First Book in My Private Eye Series

I'm excited to announce the first cool book in my P.I. Frank Johnson Mystery Series PELHAM FELL HERE is now on sale as an e-book for $0.99 for a limited time.

Here's the book description:

Ex-military cop and part-time gunsmith Frank Johnson finds his cousin Cody Chapman killed by a twelve-gauge shotgun. Enraged, Frank wants some answers, and fast. Was Cody involved in an arms smuggling scheme? The mystery deepens and grows dangerous when a pair of murderous deputy sheriffs ambush Frank. After killing them in self-defense, Frank must take it on the lam while he continues his murder investigation. Eventually, he discovers a group of neo-Nazis holed up at a remote castle who may be the ones behind his cousin's murder. Luckily, his bounty hunter pals Chet and Gerald Peyton throw in with Frank to even up the odds.

Here are the excerpts from the Amazon readers's  reviews:

"The story transformed itself into a rich, colourful, suspenseful narrative with many layers. The new found captivating pace held my attention to the very last page."
--Toni Osborne

"The action is constant with plenty of surprises along the way."
--Thomas Duff

"A very tight knit mystery read and one that I am proud to recommend."
--Shirley Johnson

"Three-dimensional characters with good dialog make this book a very good read."
--Joe Walsh

"A good way to begin a new series for anyone who likes down to earth tales."
--J.D. Anderson

"I love crime fiction that holds my interest and draws me to the characters. This book fits in that category perfectly."

Here are the links to purchase PELHAM FELL HERE:


Barnes & Noble:;jsessionid=5598701FF1B35DF75AD358FF19DD880F.prodny_store02-atgap08?ean=2940148362364


Thanks for your interest!